Dos And Don'ts of Wearing Shorts

With Summer being right around the corner hunting for the right pair of shorts could be very scary. Here's a few helpful hints for pulling off one of the seasons coolest-and sometimes the trickiest wardrobe options.

DO indulge in a pair of white shorts. Tailored shorts in crisp white have a way of making everything else from a basic tee to an old t-shirt look totally polished.

Just DON'T go too short! Showing the pockets on your shorts is a sure sign that they are way too short.

DO wear shorts with heels it will make your legs appear longer.

DO wear high-waist that can be worn with a fitted blazer and your favorite tank. Shorts that are slightly taper out at the hem are friendlier to all  body types.

Balloon Shorts are very tricky and DON'T work for everyone. Bloomer like shorts make your hips seem wider than they are.

DO bring back your favorite cutoff jean shorts they are easy to wear and can go with almost everything.

Spring is all about fun colors! DO be bright and bold and go for the colorful jean shorts. They are really bright and make you pop.

Shorts that look like panty shorts are a definite DON'T.  While they are great for the bedroom they are definetly not be worn anywhere else! You  also might get a few "What was she thinking?" looks.

Worried about showing too much leg with the micro-shorts? No worries. DO go for Cargo shorts they look just as GREAT and girlie especially paired with a fitted tank or a cool t-shirt and FUN accesories.
Hope this points you in the right direction to the most fashion forward pair of shorts for you! Post your pics I would love to see them! Have FUN!
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  1. I really love this post. Just when I thought short shorts was the way to go, it is cleary a DON'T. hhmm this really gives me some ideas for my next shopping trip.