Shopping for the Perfect Maxi Dress

I can never have enough maxi dresses in my closet! They are fun, easy, and extremely comfortable. Plus they are universally flattering. Throw one on add great sandals and a cool pair of shades and your ready to go! Here are some websites that won't break the bank when shopping for the perfect maxi dress., and Here are a few pics of one of my favorite maxi dresses.


Dress: Free People
Bag: Coach
Accessories: Banana Republic, Old navy, and Macys
Shoes: Ralph Lauren


  1. Beautiful dresss!!! Now following you!

  2. This is so pretty. I just made my daugter one very similar.

  3. This dress is beautiful on you!! How do you have your hair styled? Its so pretty. Are they braids/twists? Great style!


  4. Thanks again Chioma! My hair is dreads that Ive been growing for almost 17yrs that are extremely long. I live in Florida and its so HOT I had my hairdresser style it to make it look shorter and off my neck and back. She double knotted them and put rubberbands at the ends.