Lovin' Leopard For Fall

Hello Fashionistas! Fall is quickly approaching and the runways are roaring leaopard. Now would be a great time to be a little daring. Leopard can be worn in a sophisticated classy fashion and I have a few ideas on how to get there.

Pair it With Black. Yes, leopard print is comprised of neutrals, but that doesn't mean you should pair it with anything you please! LOL!  In order to keep it classy, pair it with black or khaki. Keep  accessories to a minimum because the leopard print provides the look all on it's own.

Sometimes Bigger is Better. Very small leopard prints can create a dizzying effect. Look for pieces that have a larger, more defined print. Leopard print can be office appropriate; pair your dress/skirt with black shoes and a black cardigan to tone it down just a little.

Keep it Classic. Keep your make-up and hair look simple and classic.
Here are a few pictures on how I wore my leopard pencil skirt!


Blouse: Ralph Lauren Black Label
Skirt: Zara
Clutch: BCBG
Shoes: Ralph lauren Collection
Watch: Michael Kors
Earrings: Macys


  1. I'm totally with you, I'm loving leopard for fall & adore your skirt! Zara have some lovely leopard pieces.
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Happy Tuesday Hun xoxo

    1. You look so classic and stunning as always

    2. Thank you so much! Yes Zara is really stepping it up with the leopard this fall. Can't wait to go back and get some more pieces.

    3. Style4Curves Thank you so much for your kind words! ALWAYS!!!!

  2. What hair style do you have on?

    1. My hair is dreads. Its actually down to my back (I've been growing it for 15 years)and because its so hot in Florida I had my hairdresser double knot it and put rubberbands at the end of them. Once I remove the rubberbands it will be extremely curly.

  3. You look fabulous, I just love your blog. Your blog is the blog of the week on my fadsion page. Check it out at

    1. WOW! Thank you so very much for featuring me! I appreciate the Love. I will definetely spread the LOVE back for fashion1psychology.wordpress.com. Thanks again

  4. Love, love, love the leopard skirt..LOVE! That shirt is adorable!